What meditation is for me

1 de June, 2018

Today I bring some of what meditation is for me. Sharing my thoughts with love.

Meditation is a beautiful part of yoga. It is the seed that can always sprout immediately into a thousand petal lotus flower of happiness. It is an integral part of the path leading us to discover, love, heal and transform the totality of our being. All the many paths of practice lead toward meditation, making it a more profound and easier method to feeling complete. When meditating we open our mind’s windows to a clearer consciousness. As we perfect the temple of the physical body through the conscious practice of asana, meditation provides us with greater ability to allow these windows to open without setbacks.

One of my teachers in India, who would offer fascinating pearls of wisdom regarding philosophy and spiritual practice, said that meditation is a process: “when we dance the journey itself is the purpose.”

This shows the importance of the here and now. Meditation is the discovery that the purpose of life is to be present in each precise moment.

It is an appreciation of the present, a type of “dance” with the eternal now, which brings us to a place of peace where we can understand the purpose of life, a place that quite simply is the here and now. Thoughts always come and go, like clouds floating in our heads, we have something to experience. Interested without being attached, the playful practice of observing is the practice of meditation.

According to Buddhist monks, when meditating we encounter some facts. First, thoughts have no origin. Second, they are incessant. Three, the appear solid but they are not. These facts lead us to the consciousness of total opening. Learn that true happiness is born within you and that the heart has the strength to change everything. Observe the mind and not react to it.

“The pearl is in the oyster. and the oyster is at the bottom of the sea. Dive deep.”  – (Kabir)