What is the last thing you did just for fun?

30 de May, 2018

Not every moment of your life needs to be serious.

Some things can just make you smile, and that’s reason enough to do it.

Resilience and humor are intimately tied together for me. If you take yourself to seriously, you’ll get all tied up in the details. It’s not that nothing matters, everything matters. It’s just that if you try to hard to hold on to it, all you’ll end up doing is cracking and breaking where you should be bending and twisting.

The things in life that have worked out the best for me were the less expected. Every time i’ve done something with too much attachment to a goal it’s always lead me to a dead end, but when I am just having fun, then my mind is spontaneous and free, and my heart leads me in the right direction.

Freedom isn’t about what laws you’re subject to, freedom is a state of mind. If your thoughts bring you to destructive patterns or set your gaze with a paralyzing tunnel vision, you’re not free. If you can’t acept a truth that doesn’t fit in your box of ideas, you are not free.

The mind can be a terrorist if you let it, but if you see things clearly, just as they are, and your heart softens instead of hardens, if you remain innocent despite your experience, if you always stay true to that spark of the spirit, then you are already free no matter what circunstances you might be living in.