What inspires me – Pip Johnson

2 de July, 2018

“I think the primary source of inspiration for my yoga practice & teaching comes from my training as a performer. Through years of training in ballet, contemporary, jazz and other dance forms, I learnt how to use my body as a means of expression but with a  technique that developed strength, control and health. And that’s how yoga is for me; a means of expression whilst building strength, space and healing, through fluid movement… one asana to the next.

Similarly, my understanding and teaching of pranayama will often incorporate techniques I learnt as part of my singing training as the diaphragm is a key player for both breath and voice, and still very integral to the control of our core. It is the actress in me that falls for the emotive & philosophical side of yoga; allowing a practice to become a journey that flows like a story, so we close feeling that we have moved forwards in ourselves somehow.

I don’t think I have a particular set “style” of teaching – I think it’s important to be able to move differently all the time and allow ourselves to develop; by which, so will our practice, by which, so will our teaching. I tend to favour ashtanga, hot yoga and generally strong, yang practices – I’m known for my more challenging vinyasas and arm balances I suppose. However, I love the spiritual energy that kundalini brings, and more pranayama-focused styles, and then I also love the healing and calm that a yin practice can bring. We all need some yin nowadays 😉

I’m highly passionate about nutrition for health and physical development, and am so grateful to be helping many people now with a nutritional rebalancing program. Food is a very real form of prana that we must respect for the impact it has on our whole state of being.”

Love and light

Pip Johnson

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