Set yourself up for the most successful year of your life!

2 de July, 2018

There is tremendous power in words. Words can build or destroy your life. Not just the spoken word but our internal dialogue, your internal self-talk will profoundly effect your being. Words can change your emotions, blood pressure, breathing and heart beat! The sub conscious mind accepts the internal dialogue and uses it to programme you and create limiting beliefs. We must make a conscious choice to shape our own destiny, by repeating positive affirmations until the sub conscious mind believes it’s our truth. Of course, words alone are not enough we need to add emotion and belief to what we are saying.

Anything you picture vividly with repetition and emotion will be brought forward and become a reality for you. Your subconscious mind will draw you to what it clearly understands your destiny to be, whether it be people, places, achievements, jobs, it won’t fulfill your dreams for you, you have to direct it with willingness and energy.

Reminding ourself along the way, its not just about what we want to achieve in life, but also what sort of person we want to be.


A plan enables us to measure our achievements.

Make your ‘plan’ a journey of small and bigger achievements. Create a vision board, diagram, checklist or screen-saver! Whatever vessel you chose place it somewhere you visit daily as a reminder of your journey.


The smaller achievements will give you the energy and motivation to keep progressing to your bigger goals.


If you can’t find the light…be the light. Take time to appreciate your journey even the small achievements and remember the universe is always watching.

Maiwenn Langlois

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