Nathalie Comas

Aham Prema - I am Divine Love

I embarked upon my Yoga journey looking for peace, and yoga healed me.

Beginning my yoga journey in the “deep end,” I went to India, the birth place of Yoga, where I quickly recognized the sacredness of the practice as a profound instrument to connect honestly and intensely to the inner self, consequently guiding me to a more meaningful existence.

I am a professional Yoga Teacher, 1500-hour level, having studied in Mysore and Kerala, India for 12 years and with other important teachers around the world, I went on to teaching Yoga full time, working on Teacher training courses and retreats in Thailand, Indonesia and Spain. I am also an experienced vegetarian chef and has been studying Ayurveda and Naturopathy for several years.

I run my own Retreats and teacher training as well as working in Colaboration on many 200-300 hour levels Teacher Training courses in Spain and Thailand .

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From 2010 I live between India , Thailand and Barcelona

From April to December  I teach yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in Spain and Milan and the rest of the Year I´m in Thailand  running TTC  and India with my teacher  .

My Yoga promise is peace and it is also a promise of  freedom.

Yoga leads to a  permanent knowledge of oneself, it  provides a state of inner peace, serenity, strength and intuitive understanding. Increase creativity and channel transcendental restlessness.

Let your practice mean something beyond the pose, Bring the learning home to the world, be consistent and persistent in applying the deep lessons of the spiritual path, in every breath on the mat and most important, in every moment of your life.

*Nathalie originally studied hotel management and worked for many years in the luxury hotel business in various locations worldwide before dedicating her life to Yoga. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.






Sexologist and Spiritual Awareness Teacher

She has always been very interested in topics related to the conscious and the subconscious, life and death.

You will work with Alex:

  • Breathing as an extension of life
  • Internal massage of the organs through breathing.
  • The mind and the words, as each word is a spell in our daily life and how to take advantage of its power
  • A map of your own conscience that starts from your life experience. In it, universal principles are shed as the law of vibration, attraction and polarity and rhythm. She speaks of quantum coherence, of behavioral epigenetics and of the Trinity in the universe and in us
  • Reorganizing and decontextualizing concepts with respect to religion: God, spirit … giving them their fair space in today’s life
  • Desire as a need in today’s society and of desire and ego as an addiction
  • Body expression and observing the blockages of the mind with small bodily exercises
Alexandra García | Natahlie Comas | 1 LOVE 1 HEART


Pilates teacher and therapist

Maiwenn Langlois has explored a passion for movement through many years of dance, Yoga and Thai boxing. Stumbling across Pilates as a way to find relief from sporting injuring and daily back pain, she was astounded by the impact it had. From positively affecting her daily routine to results she could feel in the boxing ring, Maiween became inspired to share pilates with others.

Training with the renouned Body Control Pilates Institute London, Maiwenn obtained her REPS levels 4 Specialist Excercise Instructor and Basic Matwork Teacher certification. With continued registered development and regular sessions with senior teachers. numerous pilates workshops,  she continues to expand knowledge of the body and apply it to all aspects of her life.

Manual therapies also play a huge factor to Maiwenn’s style of teaching a fully qualified VTCT Swedish and Thai Massage Therapist you will be assured of lots of tactile adjustments to deepen your practice.



Pilates teacher and Shiatsu therapist

Massimo is a registered yoga teacher with SYM as well as a professional Shiatsu therapist. He is a qualified kinesiologist and the director of Holismos, a centre for complementary therapies in Poggibonsi, Tuscany, Italy. He also teaches Anatomy and Pyhsiology.

Massimo spent 12 years practising Shorinji Kempo but trained originally as a percussionist, playing for many years in various groups in the UK and in Italy.

Massimo Cantara | Natahlie Comas | 1 LOVE 1 HEART


Health and lifestyle coach

Elka is a graduate by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition School in New York. Her knowledge as a health educator through living foods (Living food life style health educator) is endorsed by the Ann Wigmore Institute of Puerto Rico.

He has specialized in a vegetable diet that supports the regeneration and recovery of intestinal balance, since, from her experience, practically all our health problems begin in the intestines, that is why we have to focus our attention first. To do this, it proposes a diet that places emphasis on live, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, highly nutritious foods that are easily digested and assimilated.

She collaborates with 1 Love 1 Heart Yoga in some retreats in which she shares her knowledge to bring a balanced, regenerative, simple, tempting and, above all, delicious, vegetable-based food, in addition to free of refined sugars, dairy products, gluten and products processed.

ELKA MOCKER | Natahlie Comas | 1 LOVE 1 HEART