Del 17 July al 20 de July de 2019
Price: 300€
(opciones de pago y descuentos early bird)

Do you join us?

  • Morning Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and meditation
  • Mindfulness meditations workshops and other activities
  • All included accommodation in a shared room
  • Healthy yummy food
  • Superfood snacks, meals and juices
  • Hiking and beach


Our host is Masía El Relleuero, a tourist and relaxing accommodation located in a protected area of the Sierra Aitana (Alcoleja Village, Alicante), has 350,000 square meters of natural forest and paths that will make you dream in this mountain romanticism that it wraps around the Masía.

Who gives the retreat?

Nathalie Comas

1500 RYT India, Bali and Spain

1 Love 1 Heart Yoga Founder

All my classes focus on the presence and consciousness of the breath, in an intelligent alignment and a creative sequence of core strengthening.

Every movement is a symphony, implementing the perspective of love towards every detail of this human experience, with a clear vision, aligning with your highest desires, with a sweet and intelligent flow, and suitable for all levels

Both in my retreats and Teacher trainings, I put a lot of emphasis on healing and strengthening the heart. Cultivating also a connection with our inner space.

Students develop a meditative state during practice, leaving a feeling of calm, motivation and somehow, fully integrated.

In my teachings, both in class and out of it, I encourage students to place themselves in the position of the observer and enter the space of their hearts, to find the answers to the questions of their own lives.

Alex García

Mindfullness teacher


I have always been very interested in topics related to the conscious and the subconscious, life and death. Dreams have been a great teacher since childhood for me.

During this weekend you will work with me:

  • Breathing as an extension of life.
  • I work the internal massage of the organs through breathing.
  • I work the mind and the words, as each word is a spell in our daily life and how to take advantage of its power.
  • I develop a map of my own conscience that starts from my life experience. In it, universal principles are shed as the law of vibration, attraction and polarity and rhythm. I speak of quantum coherence, of behavioral epigenetics and of the Trinity in the universe and in us.
  • Reorganize and decontextualize concepts with respect to religion: god, spirit … giving them their fair space in today’s life.
  • I speak of desire as a need in today’s society and of desire and ego as an addiction.
  • Body expression and observing the blockages of the mind with small bodily exercises.

 What to expect

  • Each class we will playfully adventure through a super creative and expansive sequence. All practices focus on rich breath awareness, intelligent alignment and core strengthening creative sequencing.
  • You will learn how to intelligently align your body so as to be able to play the edges even more and find ease in the beautiful architecture we create with our bodies.
  • We will breath deep into our issues and clear out that which we no longer require.
  • We will tap into our visions and set our intentions to our highest truths explore and remember the magic that life is to tap into inner abundant resources to unlock potentials and powers waiting to be mobilized
  • To access the full richness of our individual intrinsic, intelligence self-analysis is of utmost importance and the practice of yoga deepens our capacity to question ourselves with empathy, acceptance, without granting a judgment or an attachment to the answers we find.
  • Yoga, for me, has become the art of observation, a method to get rid of the madness of the mind and a profound way to know myself, accept myself from a more honest and authentic vision.
  • In my teachings, both in class and out, I encourage students to place themselves in the position of the observer and enter the space of their hearts to find the answers to the questions of their own lives.
  • “The practice is in the awareness, not in the asana!” If we are aware of this, we can develop the practice of curiosity to intimately explore ourselves and question with humility the meaning of the life we have been given this time around, so we can embody our highest potential.

What to bring

  • Please bring your own Yoga mat
  • Comfortable breathable sportswear. Yoga pants etc.
  • Swimwear
  • Bath towel and sweat towel
  • Water Bottle for class
  • Shoes for hiking

 Please inform Nathalie of any injuries or food allergies prior to retreat start date.

Retreat includes

  • Accomodation
  • Superfood snacks and juices
  • Yoga and meditation clases
  • Mindfullness workshops
  • Haiking activities

The retreat does not include

  • Transport (although we can organize it for you)
Retiro de Yoga - Yoga retreat - Nathalie Comas
Alimentación consciente. Conscious Diet. Ayurveda. Nathalie Comas.