Del 29 August al 1 de September de 2019
Certified by Yoga Alliance
Certified by 1 love 1 heart Yoga
Price: 350€
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The course includes

  • Books
  • Certifications

The course does not include

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport

What to expect

  • Personal growth (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Expand your yoga perspective
  • Learn how to teach creative sequences
  • Teaching transformational yoga classes
  • Learn fundamental philosophy and history of yoga and vinyasa karma
  • opening to consciousness (workshop)
  • Alignment, asana mastery and props
  • Understand the connection of breath and movement
  • Tune in deep in to your Meditation and pranayama to get the best benefits and transform your live
  • Become a true vinyasa guide.
  • Creating your own surya Namaskars and template for vinyasa practice
  • 5 elements, to incorporate in your Sequence
  • Golden rules of sequencing
  • Group exercises, create your own sequences

Class dynamic

Every morning sessions will be devoted to diving deep into our practice. The morning will include a dynamic intuitive vinyasa class. Including Meditation, mudra and pranayama.

Each morning different themes, poses and breathes will be explored, taught, so you can embody in your own practice and teaching. The morning session will finish with writing contemplation exercises to connect you more deeply to yourself and the process and afternoons will be more focus on theory; understanding of asana alignment, philosophy, the golden rules of sequencing, to become a true vinyasa guide.


DAY 1:    Ground in intuition – OPENNING TO GRACE

11:00h – 14:00h

Asana, tune in pranayama and meditation. How to calm your mind, access your centre and tap into your innate wisdom, you will create a heightened sense of awareness trough breath, opening to the amazing quality of feeling that live inside of you.

17:00h – 19:30h

Asana mastery, postural alignment on the surya Namaskar, standing postures, forward bend, backbend and twist  , plus key actions/refinements to make complex positions safe and accessible. Modifying for injuries, using props and adjustments.

DAY 2:  Release your intuition – BUILD THE WARRIOR HEART

11:00h -14: 00h

Heart opening, putting a lot of emphasis in healing and strengthening the heart, a strong heart have the power to change everything . working on backbends, hips asana and working with 5 key postures that will help us to really tune in in to our hearts feelings the full benefits.

Tune in pranayama and meditation

 17:00h- 20:00h

Yoga philosophy relating to intuition and the map of consciousness

Day 3: Explore your intuition –   ROMANCE YOUR SOUL


Asana exploration, where we will create freedom and strength in the hips, neck and shoulders,   true  deep breathing , finding the inner voice

Tune in pranayama and meditation


The art of sequencing.

  • The golden rules
  • 5 different types of sequencing
  • Teaching transformational yoga classes
  • Group Exercises using vinyasa Krama

Day 4: Play with your intuition – INVESTMENTS AND BALANCE ON ARMS


Asana, Investments and arm balancing postures

  • Tune in pranayama, meditation
  • Integrate all you have learned, create your own sequences as a group to presented to the class.
  • Closing ceremonies.
  • Lunch all together!
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