Certified by International Yoga Alliance 200h TTC
Certified by 1 Love 1 Heart Yoga School
Price: 1650€ (early bird) 1450 before February 15
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The course includes

  • Books
  • Certifications (to be requested at the end of the training)

The course does not include

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport


This year long Teacher training is a combination of Hatha – Vinyasa yoga and consciousness, where we will start working towards the practice of a deeper life experience, where
Nathalie´s personal approach is to guide you in to a Espiritual practice of self discovery, creativity and inner self empowering .

*Through the alchemical process of yoga, you will learn how to activate the inner healer and cultivate the wisdom that leads to true purpose and passion.

*Each day is layered with practices rooted in yogic philosophy, which allow you to build physical and emotional strength, healthy habits, and ultimately a more vital, conscious way of life.

*We focus on setting a strong foundation in yogic basics – both physical and non-physical. We re-build the practice from the ground up, allowing you to shed old habits and direct the body-mind toward your higher purpose.
Rooted in the belief that EVERY being has a purpose and a powerful message to share, this training encourages your unique gifts to be expressed authentically and powerfully. We invite not only those who wish to become teachers, but anyone who wants to take their practice to deeper physical, mental and spiritual levels.

*We will make an holistic approach to the concepts of body, mind, spirit, ego, sexuality, love, suffering, emotions, trinity, desire .

*Applying each message we receive to the practice of daily life, we intend to reveal during the training and through yoga the keys to grasp and unlock our personal resistances, to begin to understand the flow of our own energy, our purpose and our happiness through the practical work of everyday life. With the knowledge acquired in class, we will reach the source of inner wisdom that emanates from each one.

*Each class we will playfully adventure through a super creative and expansive sequence. All practices focus on rich breath awareness, intelligent alignment and core strengthening sequencing.
You will learn how to intelligently align your body to be able to play with the edges. Find ease in the beautiful architecture we create with our bodies. We will implement the practice of love toward every detail of this human experience.

*Different themes, poses and breathes will be explored and taught , so you can embody in your own practice and teaching. The morning session will finish with writing contemplation exercises to connect you more deeply to yourself and the process, and afternoons will be more focused on theory ; understanding of asana alignment, adjustments , philosophy, yoga nidra, yin and restaurative, Anatomy, Yoga as therapeutic, practicum and consciousness.

Learn the process of allowing the ultimate guidance to be from within… Experience the practice becoming exquisitely complete.

Our program covers all Yoga Alliance international (200 hours) requirements. It is an exceptional program of yoga techniques practices , knowledge and counciousness that far exceeds the basic requirements of the Yoga Alliance to give you a high-quality training experience.

*What makes our program different from others?

We are not just teaching asana or providing you with the necessary teaching skills. Even though this is a very important part of the process, it is only one
step in the whole process. This training is about self discovery, self empowerment and creativity.
You will be provided with the basic framework and depth of understanding to help you finding your own voice, your own teaching style, and teach in the way that is truly authentic to who you are! You being you and sharing you, will make you a powerful teacher! You are the essence of your teaching.

This program includes 180 contact hours (classroom training time with the faculties) and the rest non contact hours are made up of homework, observing classes, teaching practice and mentorship program. Once you completed your contact and non contact hours, you will be required to take the Written Test. When you pass the written test and we verify your qualification, we will issue 1love1heartyoga , and yoga alliance TEACHER CERTIFICATE

*How do we approach the training?
We will have 5 segments that are integrated from the beginning to the end of the training and interweaving between each segment :
• Deepen the Practice
• Deepen the Knowledge
• Teaching Skill
• Self Exploration
• Practicum, Homework and Mentoring

Practice and Teaching

  • Beginners and intermediary classes for all levels and ages, in depth asana practice and variations, alitment in more than 40 different postures, props, adjustments  (touches on classes for: the elderly, children and yoga for pregnancy).
  • Teaching techniques: Guiding, coaching, leading, use of language and communication, use of props, hands-on assisting, finding your personal teaching style, designing classes for mixed levels, teaching new postures in-depth, assessing individual needs, ethics and safety guidelines.
  • The course also includes discussion on teaching yoga as a business including self-employment, safety, legal requirements and marketing.

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Basic anatomy and physiology; including muscles, bones, the spine, the hormonal system, the nervous system, the urinary system, the immune system and the reproductive system but with particular emphasis on respiration, circulation and digestion
  • Physiological and energetic effects of asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation
  • Benefits and contraindications for all asanas (poses)
  • Effects of structural and postural alignment on health and wellbeing
  • Physiological and emotional effect of stress
  • Principles of diet and nutrition

Philosophy, Psychology, Lifestyle, Energetics and Ethics

  • Philosophy and aim of yoga
  • The five points of yoga
  • Prana (Qi) Nadis (Meridians) and chakras (energy centres)
  • The human energy fields
  • The 4 elements and the akasha
  • The five koshas
  • The bandhas
  • The 4 paths of yoga
  • The 8 limbs of yoga
  • Principles of self-development
  • Teacher student relationship
  • Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita
  • Karma and reincarnation
  • The Gunas
  • The Yugas
  • Mantras and Kirtans
  • Principles and benefits of meditation
  • Ethics for yoga teachers

Awakening of Consciousness

In the theoretical classes we will work on the perception process. How do I perceive my reality? What does my reality say about me? Why do we suffer and for what? During the training we will be guided towards a new mental model away from established parameters and limiting beliefs.


  • Developing sensitivity
  • Tuning into energy fields and the chakras
  • Relevant documentaries.
  • Group dynamics exercises
  • Funny exercises and workshops to bring energy of the group together, get to know each other, open up your hearts and discover your true potential.


A week end per month from April 2020 to April 2021 from 10:00h to 14:30h and from 15:30h to 19:30h

  • 25-26 April 2020
  • 23-24 de May 2020
  • 27-28 de June 2020
  • 11-12 de July 2020
  • 27 al 30 de August 2020
  • 26-27 de September 2020
  • 31- 1 November 2020
  • 28-29 de November 2020 (Examen and ceremony)

2 classes a week are included on the teacher training  at the school;  One must be done with Nathalie and the other with any other teacher .


The main teacher for this course is Nathalie Comas. There will be other visiting during the training


Nathalie Comas 2

Nathalie is a professional Yoga Teacher, 1500-hour level, having studied in Mysore and Kerala, India for 12 years and with other important teachers around the world, she went on to teaching 

Yoga full time, working on teacher training courses and retreats in Thailand, Indonesia and Spain for the last seven years. 

Nathalie is also an experienced vegetarian chef and has been studying Ayurveda and Naturopathy for several years.

Nathalie runs her own Retreats and Teacher training as well as working in Collaboration on many 200-300 hour levels Teacher Training courses in Spain and Thailand .

She is a travelling yogui; living between India , Thailand and Barcelona.

*Nathalie originally studied hotel management and worked for many years in the luxury hotel business in various locations Worldwide before dedicating her life to Yoga. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

“Let your practice mean something beyond the pose, Bring the learning home to the world, be consistent and persistent in applying the deep lessons of the spiritual path, in every breath on the mat and most important, in every moment of your life”. 1love1heartyoga 

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