Certified by Yoga Alliance 200h TTC (Level 1) October to November 2020
Certified by Yoga Alliance 300h TTC (Level 1, 2)
Certified by 1 love 1 heart Yoga School
Price: Course fees: 300€ (check the whole price below)
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The course includes

  • Books
  • Certifications (to be requested at the end of the training)

The course does not include

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport


In our yoga training and awakening of consciousness we will enter, towards the practice of a deeper life experience.

Studying tools with the yoga  that will lead us to understand more about life, that is, about the spiritual laws on which it is based, decoding reality and taking an objective look from inside to outside of oneself. Thus, we will go towards the first step: the observation of the NO-BEING to go recognizing the being that we are in spite of our physical, our mind and even in spite of our emotions and / or experiences.

We will make a holistic approach to the concepts of body, mind, spirit, ego, sexuality, love, suffering, emotions, trinity, desire ….

Applying each message we receive to the practice of daily life, we intend to reveal during training and through yoga, the keys to grasp and unlock our personal resistances, to begin to understand the flow of our own energy, our purpose and Our happiness through the practical work of everyday life of the knowledge acquired in class, we will reach the source of inner wisdom that emanates from each one.

This course is divided into 180 contact hours with a teacher and 20 non-contact hours of individual and/or group study

Yoga Asanas

Basic routine, postures and variations, sun salutation, relaxation, abdominal breathing; full yogic breath, two pranayama techniques, recuperative and advanced postures, meditation

Practice and Teaching

  • Beginners and intermediary classes for all levels and ages, in depth asana practice and variations, alitment in more than 50 different postures, props, adjustments  (touches on classes for: the elderly, children and yoga for pregnancy).
  • Teaching techniques: Guiding, coaching, leading, use of language and communication, use of props, hands-on assisting, finding your personal teaching style, designing classes for mixed levels, teaching new postures in-depth, assessing individual needs, ethics and safety guidelines.
  • The course also includes discussion on teaching yoga as a business including self-employment, safety, legal requirements and marketing.

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Basic anatomy and physiology; including muscles, bones, the spine, the hormonal system, the nervous system, the urinary system, the immune system and the reproductive system but with particular emphasis on respiration, circulation and digestion
  • Physiological and energetic effects of asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation
  • Benefits and contraindications for all asanas (poses)
  • Effects of structural and postural alignment on health and wellbeing
  • Physiological and emotional effect of stress
  • Principles of diet and nutrition

Philosophy, Psychology, Lifestyle, Energetics and Ethics

  • Philosophy and aim of yoga
  • The five points of yoga
  • Prana (Qi) Nadis (Meridians) and chakras (energy centres)
  • The human energy fields
  • The 4 elements and the akasha
  • The five koshas
  • The bandhas
  • The 4 paths of yoga
  • The 8 limbs of yoga
  • Principles of self-development
  • Teacher student relationship
  • Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita
  • Karma and reincarnation
  • The Gunas
  • The Yugas
  • Mantras and Kirtans
  • Principles and benefits of meditation
  • Ethics for yoga teachers

Awakening of Consciousness

In the theoretical classes we will work on the perception process. How do I perceive my reality? What does my reality say about me? Why do we suffer and for what? During the training we will be guided towards a new mental model away from established parameters and limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are unconscious programs that have been imprinted on our personality in the form of patterns that weave our destiny. But it is not an irremediable destiny, it is a base from which to begin to transform and grow. We can co create our reality and we do it but unconsciously, it is about making it conscious. Our unconscious patterns offer us a basis on which to work to keep evolving towards what is best for our spirit, that is, for us. We will take care of this task in depth.

We will learn to attend to our spiritual needs. What are the needs of my spirit? We will give them the power they really have.
Conscious breathing as a life channel between our personality and our being. Channel and source of vital energy, to which I can go to regenerate. We can get more energy through our breathing and find answers gracefully to it. We will study the breath as an extension of life and as a reflection of our mind. In the classes of conscious breathing we will isolate our mental blocks through the observation of our breathing. And we will learn to massage our internal organs through breathing.
Throughout the training we will follow the thread of the theoretical classes through an existential scheme that I have called “consciousness map”. We will develop topics such as the Jungian shadow, personality vs. individuality, desire in today’s society and relationships. In the map of consciousness together with the study of the concepts mind, body, spirit soul intertwines the study of the spiritual laws that govern existence. They will be treated in order to know them and make use of them for our greatest happiness.

Areas or themes about introspection communicated with Alexandra.

  • Conscious breathing vs. automatic breathing. (Breathing through the belly button)
  • Breathing as an extension of life (Prana)
  • Body, mind, spirit and how yoga unites those 3 parts that make up our being
  • New perception: my reality speaks of me
  • Spiritual laws: vibration, polarity and rhythm
  • Law of the mirror. How do I see the other? What does that say about me?
  • Law of attraction, pk what I fear most happens to me?
  • Location of the feelings not recognized after the decisions we made, and introduction to the mechanism to release them
  • The romantic love that we have been sold against unconditional and free love Have I ever been in love?
  • How to unravel the trap in which the relationships that we maintain based on fear, possession, punishment, guilt and frustration become, why this happens and how to transform it
  • Look outside / look inside


  • Developing sensitivity
  • Tuning into energy fields and the chakras
  • Relevant documentaries.
  • Group dynamics exercises
  • Funny exercises and workshops to bring energy of the group together, get to know each other, open up your hearts and discover your true potential.



Course fees: 300€

160€ per month from November to September (school’s alumni 180€/month).

Retreat week end for ceremony and exam not included in the fees (ask to Nathalie)

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