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17 de October, 2019
Miramos siempre desde el ojo de nuestra herida y eso encontramos y proyectamos . Nunca es...
Nathalie Comas 2 | 1 LOVE 1 HEART

Aceptar y sejar que las cosas se den

29 de July, 2019
Con demasiada frecuencia, tratamos de obtener una perspectiva clara antes de que sea el momento. No...

A reason for the Season

25 de November, 2018
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. The trees teach us to let go of...

Los secretos del corazón

6 de November, 2018
Muy poca gente comprende al corazón, tu corazón es una pieza maestra. Es un instrumento increíble....

Set yourself up for the most successful year of your life!

2 de July, 2018
There is tremendous power in words. Words can build or destroy your life. Not just the...

What inspires me – Pip Johnson

2 de July, 2018
“I think the primary source of inspiration for my yoga practice & teaching comes from my...

Green goddess smoothie bowl!

6 de June, 2018
Today I have and incredible tasty, super yummy smoothie. Full of deliciousness. The Green Goddess smoothie...

What meditation is for me

1 de June, 2018
Today I bring some of what meditation is for me. Sharing my thoughts with love. Meditation...

What is the last thing you did just for fun?

30 de May, 2018
Not every moment of your life needs to be serious. Some things can just make you...