Abdominal therapy and biomagnetism

Nathalie studied the technique of Chi Nei Tsang massage and therapeutic magnets (biomagnetism), in 2012 in Thailand. It was so beneficial to her that she had to share it.
Terapia abdominal y biomagnetismo - Nathalie Comas - Abdominal therapy and biomagnetism

Massage Chi Nei Tsang and therapeutic magnets

The Chi Nei Tsang massage is a very powerful abdominal massage with great benefits. It comes from the Taoist Chinese tradition, where all internal organs are worked in depth, taking into account a series of points around the navel.

The Chi Nei Tsang massages the internal organs directly. Nathalie Comas combines it with magnets (biomagnetism) to enhance the work.

It is the most complete approach to charge energy, heal, release, relax, strengthen and detoxify the internal system.

In this area most internal organs rest and through massage a reflex effect occurs throughout the body, activating and unblocking energy flows, helping physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Everything is connected.

  • Eliminate emotions and internal negative influences
  • Relieve intestinal obstructions, cramps, knots, headaches, menstrual cramps, poor circulation, stress …
  • Tonify the lymphatic system
  • Correct and stimulate the position of internal organs
  • Fortalice the circulatory system
  • Power the immune system and resistance to diseases
  • Benefit people with chronic back, head and shoulder pain

Centro de Terapias Alternativas BAGUA (Rambla Cataluña 100- 4-1, Barcelona) every Wednesday.

Shanti Vida (Carrer dels Còdols, 20, Barcelona) by appointment.

At home, by appointment.

75€ / session

For more information or to reserve your therapy, contact Nathalie.

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